Thursday, March 4, 2010

Welcome to the Dating Corner!

I have been single for over a year now and have gone on many different dates recently. I am creating this blog just to tell crazy dating stories, maybe give some advice, tell stories that other friends have about their dating life, and more. Basically everything that revolves around the dating world could be included in this blog.

So to start I will tell you my story a bit so you all know who you are reading about. I am Lindsay, 23 years old, will be 24 in May. I separated from my ex in December of last year and we were on this on again-off again relationship for about 4-5 months after that. Then in June of last year I finally moved out and moved on. We have a 3 year old and still get along pretty well to be honest. Most of last year I was living in Boise, Id, but then September of last year I lost my job and moved to Seattle for a job. My ex and I have been doing a month to month custody thing until he moves here in May or June of this year.

In my short time being here I have made lots of new friends, started focusing on singing, learning guitar, writing, and blogging. I do Karaoke on occasion and go to Lopez Island a lot! I am going to be heading back to school in the summer after I pay this annoying Boise State University Library Fine!

Some of the things I have recently learned about myself since I moved here:

*I'm actually pretty good with people and I find it not to hard to make new friends.
*I love music and everything about it. I actually want to take this singing and guitar thing seriously.
*I want to be myself. I am tired of trying to make family and friends proud of who I am, I want to be me.
*I like guys with tattoos haha
*I also like rough, edger, rocker type guys
*Personality is soooo important!
*Drama is so overrated and so unneeded and I definitely wont put up with it.
*I have some great new and old friends that I love being around!
*Seattle feels like home, Idaho never did.

I will post more things as I go on and you hear some of my dating stories. I will probably have to back track a bit on dating stories from when I started dating. Some are quite amusing and I will be admitting to everyone at this moment in time that YES I ACTUALLY DID USE A DATING SITE. Totally embarrassing for me to admit but it adds a little more fun to the stories I will be telling.

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