Thursday, August 19, 2010

Worst Date! (flower dude)

So I just recently met a man who happened to be at the same place I was at for my friends birthday. His friends and mine ended up mingling together and hanging out and when the night ended from this bar we ended up heading back for a few more drinks at my friends house. It was so far a very good night. We stopped by the store to pick up some beer. I made a joking comment about how I wished someone would buy me flowers, and this guy (we will call him John) chimed in, "I'll buy you flowers!" So he proceeded to buy me a $20 bouquet of flowers from the local Safeway.

When we arrived back at my friends house, we were all chatting and having a few beers and this man, John, because incredibly clingy. He followed me on the deck trying to kiss me and hold my hand. At the time I was nice, just moving away from the situation. Then when his friend was ready to leave he persistently kept saying, "no I'm going to stay here with Lindsay." I reacted my by giving him my number and telling him how we could hang out another time.

I honestly was hoping that would be the last time I would hear from John. He was so intoxicated that I figured he had forgotten my name anyway.

Two weeks later I receive a text from John asking me on a date. I contemplated if a bit and then went ahead and said yes. I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he was just really drunk that night and couldn't give a fair impression of who he really was.

So that night was met up at Pesos in Queen Anne, which is a nice Mexican restaurant. First, while waiting for our table to be ready, we went over to my favorite Karaoke joint, Ozzies. We had a drink and while there John and I start chatting. I knew almost immediately that we could never date seriously, maybe friends, but never anything else. He told me stories of how his neighbor wanted to kill him and how he lived with his parents now. Red flag instantly went up, but I always am for giving the benefit of the doubt.

The dinner was alright. It was a lot of silent pauses, with weird awkward conversations. I decided to invite him out with my friends and me for drinks, just to see how he meshes with my friends. That is when the night went down hill.

From the beginning he was clinging on to me like he was afraid I would leave him alone. He hardly ever said a word and spent most of his night standing against the bar. My friends were very surprised that I was even out on a date with this man. When the night ended we all headed back to my friends house and ate some food, drank a few more beers, and then headed to bed. All the girls climbed into a bed while the men stayed out in sleeping bags. I received a text from John at 4 am stating, "I thought we were going to hang out all night". I simply laughed and ignored the text, only to get another text a few minutes later saying, "Ya i thought you were cool but obviously I was fucking wrong. Whatever u ignored me the whole night. Have fun with those tools."

My friends and I got a long laugh out of that because all night were were trying to include him in the group but he was so distant and socially awkward.

This date only confirms that I either attract older men or just crazy men....will this cycle ever end!?!