Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's on guy....

This guy is actually, or should I say was a good friend of mine. We used to go hang out at karaoke bars, grab beers together, ect. Just recently I had invited him over for some beers and to help me pack for a big move. Apparently doing this gave him the wrong idea.

So he comes over and we pop open the beers and start packing a few bags and catching up on times, since it had been months since I had last seen him. I told him about my recent boyfriend and about my move. That only last a short time and he asked me to play my guitar. It had been a good few months since he heard me play and he wanted to hear some of my new songs.

We sat in the living room as I played and the whole time he was just singing along or watching me play. Eventually it got a bit weird and he said, "wow, it seriously turns me on when you play your guitar." So I kind of stopped and said, "uhhh thank you, but maybe I should stop."

He got a bit flustered and said, "well wait you invited me over here only to just do nothing? I mean I came over and brought beer."

I replied, "well we are friends, I have a boyfriend, you were suppose to help me back."

" well I thought it was on. Don't pretend like it's on if it isn't on. If it's on it's on and if it's not it's not. I could make you happier, and well I just thought it was on."

I just stood there looking at him a bit dumbfounded. So I said, "If you came here for sex you should just leave, because that isn't what is going to happen."

He started pacing through my kitchen saying things like, "what, I just, ugh, it's not on? fuck...i guess I'm leaving. But you shouldn't lead people on....Don't pretend it's on when it isn't on."

Again just just stood there while he put his coat on and walked out the front door.

Minutes later this is the texting that went on:

Him: Lindsey. Its cool. Don't lead anyone on to think its on. But whatever u say. say whatever u think its on.

Me: I didn't lead you on.

Him: If ur gonna find something. Tell them not me. I think ur outstanding. U just think ur shit. I don't.

Me: ok

Him: That's cool. U got it just don't change things when we are in the middle of everything.

Me: We weren't in the middle of anything (enter his name here).

Him: I know. Ur good.

Me: ok

Him: Whatever I guess picked the right time. Ur good.

Me: What? Maye we can just talk tomorrow.

Then followed by two phone calls I didn't answer. I will have to say this is now the new phrase used to me when anyone is around me:

"Is it on? Don't say it's on if it isn't on."

Ps. My friend dedicates this song to this man:

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