Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Flower Dude Cont.

It's been awhile since I updated but i figured I should give you an update on flower dude. So after my HORRIBLE DATE with him I ran into him again. There is this club in downtown Seattle called Frontier Room. This club is the club I call Douche Bag Central. It is the place where you can pick up the "real winners". This is the club I met Flower Dude at, and to kind of remind you he bought me flowers and came back to my friends place trying to hang out with me all night. Then I gave him a chance by going on a date with him even though I was told by all my friends not to. This guy made me pay for like 20% of dinner. I don't think i put that down there but basically this is how the scenario went:

me: "so do you want me to help you out, split it down the middle?"
him: looks at bill total is $85. He lays down $60 and says "you can cover the rest."

Anyway, so after the horrible date I get a facebook add from this guy. I never even gave him my last name....soooo I am curious home many pages of Lindsay's he went through to find me. Then the fact that he thought I would add him. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!

So of course I ignore the add and went on with my life.

A month or so later my girlfriends talk me in to hitting up douche bag central again. We were at the bar ordering drinks and taking pictures; out of the corner of my eye I see Flower Dude and SHIT he sees me.

So I turn quickly acting like I didn't see him and whisper to my friend, "guess who is here....flower dude."

He was seriously a creeper in almost everyone of my pictures just staring at me trying to get my attention. Then he finally approached me, "hey can we talk about the other night?" I looked at him rolled my eyes, "there isn't much to talk about honestly, so no." This went on for about a good hour or two before we left.

After we left I was getting texts continually from him:

"please give me another chance, let's just talk it out. I made a mistake. I was drunk."

Basically I sent one text back, "John* there is nothing to talk about. Have a good night."

Then it went bad, "So you really are a bitch. I thought I would give you another chance but fuck that. You are worthless."

After showing all my friends the message and telling them about the night all I hear from my friends is "We told you not to go out with him, this is your own fault."

Luckily, I have not ran into flower dude since that night.

My advice....Don't date someone who buys you flowers at 2 am!

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